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"Sign, sans signal" 20" x 48" Acrylic on panel There may be a sign, but that doesn't mean we'll know what it means... This might be done. I mostly believe it is. There were things I couldn't quite get a handle on, until I realized I needed to crop the piece. (some previous/process images shown if you swipe through). So, I put the piece down on the studio floor, got out the ruler and razor and started the crop. After that, I looked over, and saw a piece of the side of my index finger sitting on the painting, looking all the world like a little dead fish. I seriously cut a big enough piece off my finger that it had personality. I've named him Jorge. @lady_salt took me to the urgent care, and 11 stitches later, Jorge was reunited with his original location on my finger. We'll see if he sticks around. (images NOT included.) After tacos, back to the studio. I finished cropping the painting. A bit more work... and here it is. Art is a dangerous business, folks. Be safe out there. #studiosafety #painting #newworkeveryday #paintanyway #radianthallartist #roadlife #abstractlandscape

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