Archihedron 22-7

Blue Star, New Star

(a lovely teal blue with green tones)

The Archihedrons are: studies of form, architectural artifacts, polyhedrons... bits of the "unknown". Let them bring you both quiet and questions.

series: archihedron


  • titanium
  • vitreous enamel

But... what is it?

It's an archihedron -- an artifact, a remnant of an unknown (likely future-based) architecture. Or...

  • it's simply a strange little polygon I'm experimenting with
  • it's from the album cover of REM's "Automatic for the People" (I did listen to the album again while making the steel versions -- the album totally holds up) -- (it didn't start as being from the album cover, that connected after already starting them)
  • a defensive construction more known now as it was being built as a defensive measure in Ukraine against military vehicles
  • a simple love of the construction of complex forms in various materials, learning methods...
  • -
  • but mostly, it's a dream of future stars, of explorations of the great unknown


height x width x depth:  8 x 9 x 10"  (14.5" between opposing points)

this piece can be suspended from the loop shown in images



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