Juicy details first, and reasons afterwards:

Rings: Most current on-hand inventory is 20% off.  Discounted prices are shown for this group.

Custom orders are not part of the sale, but many of the rings can be stretched.  Any ring that can be stretched will show it as an option.  SALE RINGS!

Objects: 20% off them all!
If I have it, it’s on sale.  It’s your lucky day.  This is a seldom occurrence.

Full prices are shown, the discount will show up when things are added to the cart.  OBJECTS!

Jewelry: 20% off everything!
If I have it, it’s on sale!  

Full prices are shown, the discount will show up when things are added to the cart.  JEWELRY! 


why have a sale?



I’m taking a hiatus from doing jewelry full time. This year, the last festival to see my jewelry will be in Alexandria, VA, mid-September. (schedule info). Next year… we’ll see… there are a lot of other things I want to work on.

Future jewelry sales and orders will be accepted on the website until it says otherwise; you’re still welcome to contact me for a local appointment.

Note: From mid-December 2018 through mid April 2019 I will not be in my metals studio, so no custom work during that time.  

So: let’s clean house!


Hey, the future could be cool. I like future things. That’s what I’m going for. New paintings and wall pieces will show up on the website soon. When the website is all stocked up and shiny looking with the new work, I might even send out an email.  

As always, thanks for your support. Hold on tight, and do something good out there.

(p.s. any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at matthew@matthew.works)