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(Apr 2011)

Rudi is the first known member of the "_kind" sub-species of the Ridiculous Vessels. Little is yet known about the "_kind"; questions arise whether their form is due to an antiquarian nature, or whether they were created in response to history.

Rudi just knows he like to skate.



His head swivels, his lower torso (with the roller-skate feet) swivels, his feet roll, his hands also rotate.

He had peridot eyes, a nicer green than I can show in these photos.

To take him apart(open him) or put him back together(close him) you have to live his arms to unlock the inner mechanism.

Comes with base shown.


  • titanium
  • sterling silver
  • peridot

height x width x depth:   4.6 x 2.4 x 2.2"

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