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Protection Sphere One


  • titanium
  • vitreous enamel
  • sterling silver
  • 23K gold leaf

height x width x depth: 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5"


  • double walled hollow vessel
  • hinged, with latch


a few notes: This is a new body of work, with a number of possible ways to go about describing it.  

  • Dystopian Fabergé/Imperial Eggs?
  • A precious artifact lost, found, reused, lost again...  when found once again, it's original purpose is no longer known, and its history reinvented.
  • Based on a group of imagery I created within my mind during troubled times as a child.  A safe place to be within, protecting one from the outside worlds.  Secrets are retained, good dreams are remembered.

This is the first piece in the "Protection Sphere" series.  The "PS" series is related to the Station series (Such as Station 3 and Station 4), but has a different intent, and it's own evolution.  Perhaps the Station series has brought the PS series into being.

While this piece has sold, commissions are accepted for the next piece.


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