Many Signals - the "Protection Sphere" series has truly been about the interior space, safe within the outer structure. That outer structure is read by people in many different ways, each of those ways having some truth. This piece has gone further. Twelve crystals are integrated into the piece - eleven quartz crystals (of a few differing types), along with one amethyst crystal. Each crystal has a singular, individual setting, built around the stone, with no modifications to the crystal. Each feels as if they have their own voice, perhaps their own purpose or story.

Programmable LEDS are integrated into the piece, unseen within the space between the inner and outer shell of the piece. Most of the crystals are thus illuminated, with quiet patterns, and many possibilites. (more info available regarding the lighting)

series: protection sphere


  • titanium
  • sterling silver
  • vitreous enamel
  • 23K gold leaf
  • microcontroller, wiring and programmable LEDS

height x width x depth: appproximately 11" x 11" x 11"  (OD of "sphere" is 6.5", diameter of inside opening is 4.25")

articulation:  opening top, with latch, changing illumination




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