If you want to impress all your fellow cave-folk, this might be the ring.  It's meaty and substantial, much like any proper machine of it's era.  

A few particulars:

  • The ring is typically around 3mm to 3.5mm thick with the spinner.
  • The spinning section is sterling silver (by default, but you have options), 4mm in width, riveted, textured, and pierced.  
  • The spinning section is offset upon the ring.
  • I show this ring in the "little hammer" texture, but have it available in a few other textures that I like with it.

shown as:

  • ring material: titanium
  • ring width: 11 mm
  • ring texture: little hammer
  • ring edge style: smooth

For this ring, the "inlay" refers to the spinning section:

  • inlay width: 4 mm
  • inlay material: sterling silver
  • inlay position: offset
  • inlay texture: calm water

Variations possible! 

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