“Works of Man” was my beginning, my start. It was me claiming a space for myself when the idea of making a living from creating metalwork was still a dream.

What the phrase itself conjured within my mind was the vastness of humanity’s timeline, in turn made insignificant by the unfathomable extent of the universe. When my metalwork became a viable business, others of course had their own connotations from the words. Some of that has been helpful. Oddly enough, I didn’t intend to make work for men… in fact I didn’t mean to make work for anyone in particular. I was simply experimenting, making work for other humans. My aesthetic came first, then the physical process of constructing the work. As my machine of creation started to run, it slowly became more tuned, and became a business. The experiment continues.

Today, other’s connotations of “Works of Man” feels jarring, awkward, too much out of context. In today’s time of socio-political turbulence, clarity becomes ever important. I make metalwork, art, and jewelry… for everyone.

Now, that early space I carved out for Works of Man is smaller than it should be. I’m tired of hitting my head on the ceiling, bumping my elbows in the small hallway. It’s time to leave that comfortable little nook and explore further.

So the work will simply now be… me. Matthew Naftzger. As that surname is too much alphabet soup for people to deal with, the website will become www.matthew.works.