Good evening.  

August is a month where I catch up, work on creating new work, get commissions and old work finished.  Home remodeling, website rebuilding, muse refreshing.  Generally I need every minute of it.  This year has been busy, and I expect it to simply get busier. 

I've been working with new tools and methods for creation of the jewelry.  One example is using full sized lathes (which feel giant to me, something out of another world) to create the beginnings of the titanium rings.  (pardon the animated image of me machining a titanium band.  I find it oddly entertaining)

There's been a lot of work I haven't been able to get to through the years, which I suspect is typical for many makers/artists.  I'm hoping the new methods will free me up a bit and allow me to move further along the path I see.  There are certain groups of my work, such as the Visitor series, which I haven't gotten to for so long that the basic concepts have evolved to different places.   The time was needed, my skill levels have grown to a point that I may be able to create what I envision(ed).  

In my early years of my work, I had a fairly consistent writing/blogging (I still can't stand that word.) schedule.  I'd travel to a show, and meet someone that had been reading my writings for years.  It was a part of my studio practice, helping me define my direction, creating a focus.  Life eventually intervened, and I needed more privacy.  These days I'm writing again - but keeping it a bit off the radar.  If you've read this far through this post, you may be of the type that likes to go down the rabbit hole... so I'll throw it your way. is the new pile of writings.  It may not always be appropriate, or business-like.  Or, it may,  we'll see.  Mostly it's for me, but you're welcome to follow along.  Watch where you step.

That's it for now.  Next show coming up is here in Pittsburgh, in Shadyside August 23rd and 24th.  Could be interesting.