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"Simple Joe" and "Jane the Fierce" Titanium and silver Avg height ~ 7" Two new constructed titanium rockets up on the website. They both seem so pretty and young, ready to face the universe. They're both vessels with locking lids, more images on the website. Also... Shhhh, there's a sale starting on my website. I haven't even prettied up the site yet, because it starts tomorrow. ...but the sale prices are already there... Having a sale, because my transmission died/is dying on my van, and I can't drive to the Des Moines Arts Festival #dmaf or the Cherry Creek Arts Festival #cherryarts. Sometimes, that's how it goes. Or, how it doesn't. #myvankindadied #artsale #rockets #smallsculpture #oddities #helpavanout #nowillstayhomeandmakemorework

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