First show of the new year!

Hey there!  Want to come see Llloyd, one of the collaborations between Brianna and I?  He's a charmer!


We're are our our first show together for the year -- Artfest Fort Myers, showing tomorrow and Sunday.  It feels nice to be here, and frankly nice to be warm after having the arctic vortex winter in Pittsburgh.

I think 2014 is going to be a very interesting year, here at Works of Man.  There's going to be a greater push in a number of realms.   To name a few:  lots of new collaborative work with Brianna (maybe a new website for that?), more non-jewelry metalwork, improving production speeds on orders, and moving this website up a few notches as well.  (For the last, things such as more info in the news, more updates, easier ring navigation, maybe a bit of fanciness happening).  I also think the general metalwork that will be created will start pushing the jewelry work forward as well.  Occasionally, I'll post a sale on a few things, just to see who is paying attention.

I appreciate everyone who has kept track of me through all these many years.  I think it's still just beginning.  It may be the end of January, but nonetheless, happy New Year.  I hope you have some big plans for the year!